How to Choose A Led Bulb?

One of the electricians Christchurch is helping us out today in selecting the best-LED Bulbs for our need. There are several options available but unless you know the significance of the features involved, you will never be able to make a smart decision. If like us, you wish to invest only in the LED lights that will make sense in a particular situation, this guide is what you need.

Install only if you will use them
Compared to the traditional lights, LEDs are somewhat expensive. This means that installing LEDs in the full house in a single go can result in a huge bill. This is why it is advisable to install LEDs only in the areas where you would need them the most.

Look for LUMENS
Lumen is the unit of measuring the intensity of light while watt is the measure of the power consumption. While many people like Watts with Lumens, it is directly not true. While it is true that higher watts mean higher lumens but since the watts to lumens ratio in the traditional bulb is different from the watts to lumens ratio in LED bulbs, the comparison is somewhat absurd. Therefore, always look for the lumens and not the watts.

The color
Most people find harsh white LEDs difficult to stand. This is why LED manufacturers have been focusing on creating warmer and cooler colors for their customers. As a result of these innovations, yellow-white and bluish- white is now available at the same price and they do not pinch the eye.

The shape of the Fixture Matters
The fixture in your home has a definite mechanism and pattern which is why not every bulb will fit in it. This is why it is important to invest in LEDs that will fit into the fixture. Moreover, the LED bulbs come in various shapes and sizes and if you are planning to use these bulbs in a lamp, make sure that the shade of the lamp can accommodate it.

Dimmer Compatibility
Dimmers are an amazing piece of technology and if you have one at your place, you know why. Sadly, not all LEDs are compatible with a dimmer switch. Thus, do your homework before buying an LED that you wish to use with a dimmer switch.