Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning a wedding, you should seriously consider hiring a Jessica Higueras - Auckland wedding photographer for the big day. A wedding photographer in Auckland will be able to capture all the beautiful moments that happen on your special day. As bride and groom, you may not be able to witness everything going on around you. Having all these events on film will allow you to look back and relive your wedding all over again.

Here are some tips on hiring a wedding photographer Auckland:

1. Do your research.
Browse through wedding magazines. Visit bridal fairs. Ask around. If you have friends or family members who booked a professional photographer at their wedding, then ask to see the photos from their wedding day. Make a list of the photographers you’re interested in possibly booking and visit their websites. Most professional wedding photographers post their portfolios online for potential clients to view.

2. Choose a photographer you are comfortable with.
If you can, take the time to visit the photographers so that you can personally meet them. It is very important that you and your soon-to-be spouse find a photographer you feel at ease with. The photographer will be taking photos of intimate moments between the two of you, your friends and your family throughout the day. It is important that you are comfortable with him or her and that you all get along.

3. Prepare a list of questions for the photographer.
Make a list of questions to ask the photographer. Ask if he or she has shot weddings at your location. Ask if the photographer is bringing along an assistant. A conversation with the photographer in New Zealand also gives you some time to get to know him or her. If you don’t agree with some of the suggestions given to you, then at least you’ll narrow down your list of potential photographers to use.

4. Keep your wedding budget in mind.
Wedding photographers might be expensive. If you really have your heart set on a specific photographer for your Auckland wedding, then ask if there are different packages available for you to choose from. Some packages come with a pre-nuptial photo shoot, whilst other packages come with a video of the wedding ceremony to be shown at the reception. Other packages are priced depending on the number of prints that are given.

Find a photographer and a wedding package that is within your price range. If you really cannot afford the photographer that you want, then don’t let it get you down. There are still plenty of talented wedding photographers to choose from.

5. Book early.
Schedules for wedding Jessica Higueras - Auckland wedding photographer are very full. There are only so many weekends in a year, and most weddings are held during the weekend. Once you’ve settled on a date and a photographer, have them reserve the date for you. There’s no such thing as booking a wedding photographer too early.